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The Prophecy of Three: UPDATE!

Updated 2.20.16

One Realm BeyondI have sad news for everyone looking for their chance to order Book 3 of REALM WALKERS, The Prophecy of Three.

Due to health issues, Mrs. Paul lost the contract for The Prophecy of Three. Also, due to the contract for the overall series, she is unable to pursue self-publication at this time without being in breach of her legal agreements.

If anything changes, you all will be the first to know--after all, good news is better to share than bad!

Mrs. Paul is working on some side projects at this time, though they are all early on in development stages.

Thank you so much for your love and support. We look forward to sharing better news with you in the future.

In the meantime...


CurioMrs. Paul's daughter, Evangeline Denmark, has released her first full-length novel, Curio, with Blink!

For those of you looking for a little steampunk to color your lives, Curio is an imaginative world drenched in adventure, grit, rust, and dangerous beauties.

Themes of inherent human value and the strength raging inside every woman makes it an encouraging and empowering read that never sacrifices magic and mystery for the sake of a "message."

Buy it at your favorite retailer! Amazon | B&N | CBD

American Christian Fiction Writers


Visit their site!ACFW is an organization geared toward meeting the needs of new and seasoned authors alike, as well as offering a venue for readers of Christian Fiction to learn more about their favorite authors and discover the vast array of choices available from the Christian Fiction market in general.

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