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Monday Night Chat Summer Hiatus

Posted 6.27.15

Enjoying the warm weather? We are!

Mrs. Donita K. Paul will be taking a hiatus from the Monday Night Chat for the summer. But fear not!

She'll be back in September!

Until then, be sure to say hi! We'd love to hear what's going on with our friends. And please! Send us pictures of your local sunbathing dragons and/or knightly affairs. I bet a lot of you are going to Ren Festivals this year, yes?

Thank you guys for always being so amazing. We look forward to catching up in the fall!

With love,
Donita K. Paul & DKPWebmaster

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Updated 1.25.15

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But what they discover while traveling turns their mission upside down: the great wizard is not as he once was, and they must now find a way to restore Chomountain before they and he can restore the Guild once more.

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