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DragonSpell Reviews

“Enchanting! A perilous quest, a timeless battle, an unlikely heroine, and a rousing adventure in a world of magic and mystery -- Donita K. Paul has concocted a tale brimming with eternal truth and seasoned with delightful and amazing characters that linger in the senses long after the last page. Dragonspell is destined to become a classic for a new generation of adventurers!” –Susan May Warren, Award-winning author of Happily Ever After, Tyndale/Heartquest

Dragonspell is a fine, well-written tale guaranteed to entertain both old and young alike. This was proven in our household when our eleven-year-old son snatched up the book and devoured it. Upon returning it, he exclaimed, ‘It's good’ - high praise from a rabid fan of Tolkein, Lewis, Jacques and company. I can only nod my head in agreement.” –Christopher A. Lane, Gold Medallion winning author of children's and adult fiction

Dragonspell has a heart-thumping, page-turning plot that is sure to captivate and enthrall even the most reluctant reader!”
–Peggy Wilber, author of Reading Rescue 1-2-3

“In Dragonspell, Donita K. Paul has created an amazing world of fantasy adventure. From riding on dragons to jumping off cliffs to moving mountains, this book is sure to spark a reader’s imagination—young and old. And with a message of slavehood to servanthood, it’s a book families will love reading and discussing together.” –Christopher P. N. Maselli, children’s author of Reality Shift and founder of

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"A reluctant heroine, her fainting dragon, and an assortment of colorful companions make for a delightful read in Donita K. Paul's Dragonspell. A must read for the imaginative soul." –Linda Windsor, award-winning author of romantic comedy ALONG CAME JONES and Celtic historical trilogy FIRES OF GLEANNMARA.

“Charming, well-drawn characters, a story chock full of adventures and misadventures, a land populated with dragons, doneels, emerlindians, grawligs, and all sorts of other fascinating inhabitants—I ask you, what more could any reader need? With DRAGONSPELL, Donita K. Paul has nailed a complex and engaging Christian fantasy world. Whether nine or ninety, you won’t be disappointed.” –Kathleen Morgan, author of CONSUMING FIRE and ALL GOOD GIFTS

“Inventive, engaging, witty, insightful, touching, and profound – Dragonspell is all this and more. If Donita K. Paul’s only intention was to create a world where readers encounter novelties and wonders at every turn, then she has succeeded admirably. But she actually does much more than this: she enables us to see our relationship with God and His world through new eyes. A delight for all true fans of fantasy literature.” –Jim Ware, author of God of the Fairy Tale and co-author of Finding God in the Lord of the Rings.

"DRAGONSPELL is a tightly written fantasy quest set in an extraordinarily rendered storyworld. With seven intelligent races, seven evil races, several delightful dragons, one weird wizard, and an endless supply of exotic plants and animals, you will NOT be bored."
–Randy Ingermanson, Christy award winning author of OXYGEN and PREMONITION.

"The greatest thing any author can do is to catch you up and transport you right into the very scene, the very action, the story . . . in such a way that you live the book, not merely read it. That is exactly what Donita K. Paul does with Dragonspell. For a few hours, you will take a journey to a place you have never been, with a story you will never forget. Enjoy the trip!”
–Stephen Bly, author of Paperback Writer and Christy-award-winning The Long Trail Home

”No one will ever be able to read this and doubt that Christian fantasy is a viable genre for spreading God's word.” –Christine Lynxwiler, president of American Christian Romance Writers

DragonQuest Reviews

“Donita K. Paul’s DragonQuest is a rich tapestry of creatures, characters, and adventure.  A whimsical allegory, casting bright light on ultimate truth.” 
–Lyn Cote, author of The Women of Ivy Manor series

“You never know what to expect in a magical world full of creatures like mordakleeps, blimmets, or doneels. But one thing is sure: This grand, fantastical odyssey of Kale the Dragonkeeper will sweep you off your feet.”
–Robert Elmer, author of the HyperLinkz fantasy series for kids

“Shut your eyes, hold your breath, and plunge into the unshackled imagination of Donita K. Paul! In DragonQuest, Kale’s journey of self-discovery continues through a succession of adventures and mishaps that leaves you grinning with breathless, page-turning anticipation. I am in awe of Donita K. Paul’s intricate world-building that can rightfully stand alongside master storytellers, Lewis and Tolkien. There is so much depth of heart to this fantastic adventure that it’s difficult to say what I most enjoyed. A fantasy must for the very young at heart, no matter your age.” –Linda Wichman, author of Legend of the Emerald Rose

“Donita K. Paul’s DragonQuest continues the story of Kale and her well-drawn compatriots, who set out on yet another quest in service to God by serving His people.  Cleverly and compellingly wrought, DragonQuest is a terrific sequel to DragonSpell that is sure to delight readers of all ages.”
–Kathleen Morgan, author of Giver of Roses

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DragonKnight Reviews

“DragonKnight is a thoroughly enchanting fantasy where dragons speak, tiny mouse-like guardians protect normal-size folk, and young people search for identity. Woven through Donita K. Paul’s carefully crafted world is a strong theme of love, redemption, and the sufficiency of God to see His children through all trials. The icing on this delightful cake is a surprise ending that brings tears of joy!” –Douglas Hirt, author of the Cradleland Chronicles series

“Donita K. Paul’s inventiveness never ceases to amaze. Fresh ideas for new races of people and unusual creatures keep flowing from her gifted pen. In DragonKnight, we meet a few of these and rejoin old friends like Kale, Bardon, Regidor and the ever-huggable Toopka on a rollicking adventure. As always, this author has a whole bag of tricks up her sleeve–unexpected plot twists, heart-tugging relationships, and captivating characters. Classic is written all over this series.”
–Jill Elizabeth Nelson, author of Reluctant Burglar

DragonKnight swept me into the exciting exploits of Bardon and his loyal friends. The inventive and richly compelling characters quickly drew me into their lives and into a fast-paced fantasy adventure.”
–Faye Spieker, playwright and author of ministry tools for children

“Charming characters in a colorful make-believe world full of beauty and danger. Classic good against evil with wonderful spiritual truths layered throughout and enough twists to keep the reader engaged from first page to last.”
–Sandra D. Moore, Director, American Christian Fiction Writers Association

“Donita K. Paul’s new novel examples the skillful weaving of a fantasy story with strong moral lessons and spiritual insights. Throughout her series, Paul has created fascinating characters who battle powerful enemies and learn what it means to live life in the process. As a result, DragonKnight is both fun and important reading. Young readers will love the action–and readers of all ages will appreciate the insights.”
–Paul Moede, co-Author, Good News About Your Strong Willed Child

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DragonKnight won ACFW's Book of the Year in 2007

DragonFire Reviews

DragonFire is a soaring adventure. But I wouldn’t expect any less from Donita K. Paul, as she always gives us a delightful read: intriguing, challenging, and full of blessing.” –Kathryn Mackel, author of Vanished and Outriders

“A rich, fantastical treat–DragonFire lights the imagination with every turn of the page!”
–Robert Elmer, fantasy/sci-fi author

DragonFire is not a book only for the young of age, but also for the young at heart. Donita Paul possesses a unique talent for instilling deep wisdom and spiritual truth in a story that is engrossing and satisfying for adults and children alike. She is one of my favorite authors.”
–Hannah Alexander, author of the Hideaway series

“In DragonFire, Donita K. Paul has outdone herself! Though all of her dragon tales enchant, entertain, and inspire, this latest entry reveals even more profound depths in her characters–and in her magical winged creatures. This story will touch your emotions–and your soul.” –Jim Denney, author of the Timebenders series and Answers to Satisfy the Soul

DragonFire is ‘predictable’–in the very best sense of the word! Breakneck pacing. Plot twists aplenty. Spiritual truths that inspire. And a powerful ending that–here we go again–leaves you wanting more.”
–Tamara Leigh, bestselling author of Perfecting Kate

“DragonFire is a worthy continuation of the endearing series begun by Donita K. Paul. Lovable, admirable characters, entertaining adventures and misadventures, and breath-stealing plots twists, all deftly woven with sustaining strands of spiritual truth. Youth and adults alike will find these books impossible to put down until the last page is read.”
–Janelle Clare Schneider, author

“Another enchanting fantasy starring the Dragon Keeper, Kale. Even when she thinks she’s failed those she loves and who trust her, obedience and Wulder’s love guide Kale. Inspiring.”
–Lyn Cote, Author of Blessed Assurance

“Donita K. Paul has created another delightful tale featuring Kale, Bardon, and their enchanting friends. DragonFire takes the reader inside a wonderful world of fun and fantasy, with spiritual truths lighting each pathway. I loved it!” –Peggy Darty, author of When the Sandpiper Calls and When Bobbie Sang the Blues

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"Engaging characters, enchanting locales, and perilous creatures await the brave soul who enters the realm of Amara. Donita K. Paul’s DragonKeeper Chronicles will surely delight fantasy readers with the kind of story that allows a reader to escape into it, but its powerful message lingers long after the final page is turned.”
–Wayne Thomas Baston, author of The Door Within Trilogy

“Donita K. Paul is amazing! DragonLight has the allegorical depth to satisfy the most discerning adult seeking spiritual depth, yet it is fun enough to fascinate a child. This book will enthrall, uplift, and, if allowed, change lives—as we are gently drawn to realize that each of us is flawed and must have patience with other flawed believers.”
–Hannah Alexander, author of Double Blind

DragonLight is a delight, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the marvelous Donita K. Paul. I heartily recommend her books to all ages who love inspirational fantasy and wonderful creatures. Ms. Paul not only supplies imagination and talent, she provides heart and soul. Another winner!”
–Kathryn Mackel, author of Boost

“Humans and dragons join forces in a quest that leads to a final confrontation with ultimate evil. This is rich, exciting, mythic adventure, told as only Donita K. Paul can tell it. I predict that DragonLight will be your favorite book in the DragonKeeper chronicles!”
–Jim Denney, author of Battle Before Time and Lost in Cydonia

“C.S. Lewis once said, ‘A strict allegory is like a puzzle with a solution. A great romance is like a flower whose smell reminds you of something you can’t quite place. I think the something is the whole quality of life as we actually experience it.’ In DragonLight, Donita K. Paul captures the haunting fragrance that reminds us of a place we think we’ve visited–or did we only dream it? This book will transport you to a world that captures the whole quality of life, whether it’s the delight of a tiny dragon’s hiccups or the very portal through which we meet the one, true, living God.”
–Wendy Lawton, author of the Daughters of Faith series

“Donita K. Paul’s vivid imagery and startling plot twists will delight fans, as Kale and Bardon unravel the mysteries behind eerie unmapped villages, a hidden colony of meech dragons, and a dark presence threatening the land of Amara.”
–Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, author of The Genesis Trilogy

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