Appreciate a Dragon Day

January 16, Every Year!

Appreciate a Dragon Day was started in 2004 by Mrs. Paul to celebrate the release of DragonSpell.
We encourage you to join us as we celebrate literacy and have some fun!

Choose a favorite dragon from literature and then share that dragon in some art form. Here are a bunch of ways YOU can celebrate on January 16:

  • BE CREATIVE: Make drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures, poems, an additional story that might also have happened to this dragon, a song, a play, or a comic strip.
  • FOR LIBRARIES: Display featured dragon books or children's artwork. How about a competition for the most creative dragon bookmark? Or a poster advertising the dragon book of the child’s choice?
  • PUPPET SHOWS: Make dragon puppets and put on a show for friends and family.
  • TREASURE HUNT: Look for "missing" dragon eggs!
  • TAKE PICTURES: See how many pictures you can take of your favorite stuffed dragon in funny places. Maybe eating a hamburger at McDonald’s? Reading dinosaur books in the library? Shaking hands with the mayor of your town? Waiting at a bus stop? Riding on a fire engine?
  • FOR CLASSROOMS: Ask children to do individual projects or group artwork. Bring in boxes of all sizes and tie and tape them together to make a giant box sculpture of a dragon. Volunteers can visit classrooms and read a favorite dragon book.
  • CREATE A MOSAIC: Get all those free address labels that come as advertisements. Cut off the address and keep the picture. Sort by color. Draw an outline of a dragon on a big sheet of paper and use the colored bits from the address labels to fill in the dragon, mosaic-style.

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Do YOU have some bright ideas?

If you would like to contribute art ideas, activities, or books, please contact us!  

For children, please include your name, age and state. Note: We do not post children’s last names on the web.

For adults, please include your name, state, and position (mother, third grade teacher, librarian, etc.)

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