Bookish Recipes

From the DragonKeeper Chronicles

Fans of the Mrs. Paul's DragonKeeper Chronicles are familiar with the cuisine of Amara. The characters of her books always find time to sit down and enjoy a meal, be it chukkajoop, daggarts, or tumanhofer spiced pecans. With these recipes, you can enjoy the same fantastical foods right at home.


Main Dishes

Marione Corn Casserole

Mushroom Steak

Side Dishes

Tumanhofer Spiced Pecans

Two Cheese Sticks

Creamed Greens

Potato Flats


Green Stew

Kitwahdo Soup

Wittoom Soup

Granny Noon's Remedy Soup


Flat Worm Soup


Pricklebarrel Casserole
Toffee Daggarts

Lightrock Candy
Quick Mullins
Old Fashioned Mullins
Nordy Rolls
Mistress Maye Ghint’s Fruity Cheesecake



If you try these recipes, please send us a picture! We may use it for the website.


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