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Cooking for Kids

Looking for some kid-friendly recipes? Here's a page from the Food Network for healthy, but fun food ideas to do with your family!
Web English Teacher

Carla Beard has developed an excellent website: a directory of K-12 resources for teachers.  Ms. Beard explains, "When I started teaching in 1975, 'cutting-edge technology' in the classroom meant opaque projectors, 8-millimeter loop movies, and ditto masters in green and red as well as purple.  Today it includes wireless networks, streaming media, SMART Boards, and e-books." 

This dedicated teacher takes advantage of the Internet and the World Wide Web.  The subscriber who 'whole-heartedly' recommends the site explains, "Humor, good sense, current trends in education--she covers it all."  At Web English Teacher 'teachers can find guidance; experienced teachers can find inspiration.  Think of it as the faculty library and faculty workroom on a global scale.  Because the most important part of teaching isn't the technology!'

Succeed to Read

Mrs. Paul was a teacher in public school, in private school, at home. But first, she was a mother. Her son accuses her of trying to be "mother of the world," and she admits that she loved teaching the younger grades because part of being a successful teacher there involved her mothering, or nurturing, skills. There were times when those mothering and teaching skills hit a brick wall. Some children struggled to read more than others.

Purchase this book at Amazon.comYears too late, she discovered a book that could have helped when that bright child who just didn't "get it" when it came to reading. In hopes that another frustrated educator, whether a professional teacher or parent, sees this, we are sharing this title with you:

Reading Rescue 1-2-3
by Peggy M. Wilber

Reading should be fun. Explore the book and the website to see if your child needs this little twist on learning that makes all the difference in the world.

The Family Minute

The Family Minute with Mark Merrill is a media production of Family First, a national non-profit organization based in Tampa, FL. Their website has some wonderful articles for parents as well as a host of other articles with practical, impactful and relevant advice on marriage and family relationships.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Two homeschooling families with eight children and about twenty-two years’ Charlotte Mason experience between them created this site dedicated to helping you homeschool your children using the Charlotte Mason method and wonderful philosophy of education. Whether you’re looking for great living books, a free Book of Centuries, ideas for narration, the CM Organizer — a planner designed specifically for CMers, dictation exercises, free manuscript copywork, or a full curriculum guide, Simply Charlotte Mason is here to save you time and keep you organized.

School Zone

School Zone has educational products for babies through 6th grade that are colorful and engaging. The website also features an online game section for kids.

Shakespeare Kids

Their “Do Your Own Shakespeare” pages allow students to imagine that they are playing one of six roles in the opening scenes in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” They have provided a text with questions and suggestions to ponder as they prepare to perform a role. The teachers section is packed with tips and ideas for K-8 teachers.

The Creative Teaching Website

"If you're not having fun, you're not the best teacher you can be." 
This website helps teachers find new ways to have fun with their students and in their profession.

Features include: resources on Teaching Style, Creative Teaching, and Teaching Ideas. Creative Teaching also has a newsletter geared toward helping teachers develop teaching styles and creativity in the classroom.

Science Base is the place to be for reactive science communication on the web, and it's free. The name comes from the generic term for the underlying scientific infrastructure, the researchers, laboratories and equipment, research results, and the scientific literature--the science base, in other words.

Toy Town Treasures

If you're looking for some ideas or an ebook or two, check out Toytown's Homeschool. And take a look at their FREE Brave Bob Math Worksheets. Also, on More Worksheets, you'll find some worksheets for grammar and social studies. Lots to see and do!

Christian Work at Home Moms

For over five years, Christian Work at Home Moms (CWAHM) has been providing resources to help moms find a great work at home career and to help current work at home moms market their businesses at a fraction of the cost you'd find on other websites. Christian WAHM's can find everything they need here - from information to advertising to button and banner design!


The information on this website is easily accessed through simple search engines. They provide different family-friendly activities from games to family outings. When you've exhausted all your ideas, FamilyTLC is there for you!

Help with Book Reports

Tired of making the kids write book reports? Look what one inventive mom came up with:

We Can!

The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute has launched a campaign called WE CAN! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition) for parents to encourage their kids to eat more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy; decrease consumption of high-fat and high-sugar foods; choose smaller portions; participate in activity every day; and reduce the time they spend daily in front of a television or computer screen.

Big Learning

On this site, you'll find gobs of fun activities that are full of Big Learning potential. That means they're activities that kids and adults can enjoy together. They don't feel like school learning, but they expose kids to concepts that help them succeed in school and in life. In every activity, we let you know what kind of Big Learning you might encounter, and we suggest ways to bring it out. That way you can jump right in with your child.

Karen H. Whiting

As an author, speaker, and media personality, Karen H. Whiting encourages families to connect, serve, and treasure one another. Her experience as a mom of five, contributing writer for Focus on the Family's parenting magazines (Focus on Your Child), and speaking on relations in the home and time management provide upbeat advice to help today's families grow closer and stronger.

Click on the "With Kids in Mind" link for homeschool tips and books.

Fun School

Funschool is a vibrant online destination that attracts kids from preschool to grade six, as well as parents, caregivers and educators. They are encouraged to explore and enjoy the Internet in a safe, robust environment offering hundreds of games and activities, as well as puzzles and printables ranging from matching numbers and shapes for pre-schoolers, to geography, math and history for third through sixth graders. Segmented by grade level for easy-to-use navigation by young users, Funschool allows parents with young kids to enjoy a family Internet experience together.


Zeeks is a premier online brand for kids ages 9-14 that has become a favourite for gamers. In addition to moderated message boards, an arcade and entertainment channel with the latest trivia, gossip and reviews, users will find friendly advice on a variety of topics, infinite creative projects, e-cards to send to friends and a Toy Shop!, where they can read about the hottest games and toys. Zeeks makes it easy for kids to play their favourite games and take part in a safe online community of peers with similar interests from around the world.


From pregnancy to parenting, birthday parties to scrapbooking and entertainment to education, Kaboose has the content and applications to help parents plan and share their family life.

The Random Acts of Kindess Foundation

The Random Acts of Kindness™ Foundation inspires people to practice kindness and to “pass it on” to others. They provide free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources to kindness participants through their website.

Great Literature Online Great Literature Online is dedicated to adding free, HTML formatted e-text for your reading enjoyment. If you are a student, be sure to check out their links page for each author, especially if you are doing research.

They typically add new novels as the mood strikes. If you have a book or author you particularly want to see, you can email them at

American Library Association 

The American Library Association's review publication includes reviews of recently-published books.

iMom is a one-stop resource where mothers can find inspiration, ideas, information and insight.  The site contains dozens of tools and resources to help moms engage their children in fun and creative ways.


"You were born rich with 18 billion bountiful, beautiful, totally available and in all probability under-used brain cells awaiting your desire, decision and directional compass to take you onward, upward, goodward and Godward." ~ Mark Victor Hansen

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