Metta by ES Williams

Our Artisans

Mrs. Donita K. Paul has played with beads since teaching Kindergarten early in her career. She now has more beads than the colored wooden ones, plastic animal shapes, and alphabet beads. She has also graduated from shoe strings to something a little more sophisticated.

As a writer, she uses one part of her creative mind, and when that gets tired, moving to another area of creativity helps her relax and revitalize. She also knits (considering knitting to be an indoor sport) and makes cards.

One person can wear only so many pairs of earrings, so she decided to sell some of the jewelry she makes, and the next step, asking friends to join her in the enterprise, wasn’t such a big leap.


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Kaia is a high school student with a remarkable background that includes going to school in Mongolia. Her parents were missionaries and she has traveled to Thailand, China, and various other exotic locales. She has made jewelry to sell to finance a mission trip last year.


Rachael was Mrs. Paul’s personal assistant for several years. She is a true artist and has drawn dragons on Mrs. Paul’s furniture, cane, clothes, personal correspondence, and now on stones to make dragon magnets.


Chrissy is Mrs. Paul’s niece who has been making jewelry for family, friends, and to sell as a hobby for more than 10 years. She is mostly self-taught using books and magazines for instruction and design ideas. Her work encompasses bead stringing as well as bead stitching and bead embroidery.


Becca helps Mrs. Paul on Fridays. She is a college student and artist. She and her mother like to experiment. Therefore her pieces are very unusual and appealing in their originality.


Evangeline is Mrs. Paul’s daughter, friend, and co-writer. She has this thing about keys so you will see a lot of keyed jewelry from her. She also likes turtles and owls, so don’t be surprised by flighty earrings, or slow-moving bracelets. If you do see a slow-moving bracelet, get more sleep, drink less caffeine, and consult your doctor.