Cranberry Road


One thing I can get anywhere is cranberries. I associate cranberries with special holidays, special stories, and special people. Cranberry Creations takes the rich red of the fall berry and pairs it with coming snow. So all the jewelry in this line is red and a creamy white.


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Dangle Earrings

Petite Dangle Earrings

Petite 1/2" dangle earrings with tiny cloisonné rods. Rods come in a variety of colors, so your earrings may vary from what is shown.

$5.00 per pair

Earrings with Star

Loop Earrings with Jasper & Stars

3/4” loop earrings with red jasper chips and shell stars

$5.00 per pair

Loops Earrings

Loop Earrings with Moonstone & Jasper

1” diameter loop earrings with moonstone and red jasper chips

$5.00 per pair