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About Our Treasures

Bead Sources: Our materials come from all over the world. No surprise that a lot of the components come from China. But we are scavengers and also acquire beads and findings from Russia, South America, Europe, and garage sales.


Finding an odd piece of jewelry at flea markets, front lawns, and Goodwill is very rewarding. A truly ugly necklace can be torn apart and lovely beads and charms added to our stock. (Cleaned, of course)


So we often don’t know what our jewelry is made of. If we do, it will be mentioned in the description.

Our general advice: Don’t put your jewelry in your mouth. That seems to be good advice on any account.

Materials: We use stones, wood, shell, ceramic, metal, enamel, pewter, and even plastic in our creations. No gold, silver, or other precious material has been harmed in making this jewelry. (Except in the case of garage sale bits which might be worth something but probably not.) So if you lose a bracelet, necklace, or earring, there is no need for tears.

We make kid jewelry, too. As a responsible adult, please use your judgment. Naturally, jewelry contains small parts and could cause choking. If your 3-year-old chews on what she is wearing, don’t offer her our turtle bracelet as an appetizer.