Cranberry Road


There are always special people in our lives. One way to acknowledge the gift they have given you as friend, counselor, parent, or partner is to give a unique token of your esteem. These treasures are themed toward some type of person in your life. (I gave my accountant a bookmarker with a calculator charm on it.)


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Bookmark with Globe

Bookmark with Apple

Metal Bookmark - Large

Metal bookmark; large is 6” long. Charms available in globe, apple, dragon, key, clock, and book.

$4.50 each

Choose a Charm
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Adventure Bookmark

Metal Bookmark - Medium

Metal bookmark features a silver hand; medium is 5” long. Charms available in dragon, key, clock, book, words ("expectations", "journey", "adventure").

$4.00 each

Choose a Charm
Choose a bead color

Bookmark with Calculator

Bookmark with Clock

Metal Bookmark - Small

Metal bookmark; small is 3-1/2“ in length. Charms available in pencil, ruler, calculator, key, book, clock, words ("destination", "quest", "wanderlust").

$3.50 each

Choose a Charm
Choose a bead color

Pencil Earrings

Ruler Earrings

Teacher Earrings

Surprise a special teacher with a gift any teacher would love. Charms include: pencil, ruler, calculator

$3.00 per pair

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